TwinStar leads the industry in state of the art optical coatings from the ultraviolet to the far-infrared. While standard coatings are listed in our catalog, our engineers are standing by to work with you on your custom requirements. Spectral graphs can be emailed for review and revision prior to placing an order.

  • AR Coatings (UV-VIS-IR)
  • High Reflectance Mirrors (UV-VIS-IR)
  • High Damage/High Power Low Loss Mirrors
  • Partial Reflectors
  • Output Couplers Beam splitters
  • Ion Assisted E-Beam Deposition
  • Damage Certification Available


From crystals and laser rods to lens ducts, windows, mirrors, and prisms. TwinStar is your one-stop shopping destination for both precision fabrication and coatings that rank amongst the highest in the industry for laser damage threshold and durability. TwinStar utilizes several evaporation processes: standard E-beam, Ion Assisted Deposition (IAD), Reactive IAD, resistance evaporation, and Magnetron Sputtering depending upon wavelength, substrate material, and coating requirements.


TwinStar’s coating chambers utilize the very latest technology in high vacuum, deposition, and temperature control. In-house electrical and mechanical expertise together with meticulous maintenance procedures and record-keeping minimize down-time. TwinStar’s emphasis on continual improvement and consistent repeatability results in regular success with even the most challenging film systems.



TwinStar maintains a Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 spectrophotometer with universal reflection attachment and a Perkin Elmer Lambda 900. Both spectrophotometers perform multiple angle S & P polarization measurements. In addition, TwinStar has added a Perkin Elmer Spectrum Optica GX for accurate spectral measurement in our newly expanded infrared coating laboratory. These instruments allow TwinStar to perform complete transmission, reflection, and absorption analysis for each order.


High precision tooling for both fabrication and coating fixtures is manufactured at TwinStar’s extensive on-site machine shop. Expert machinists work very closely with each department to ensure that tooling is perfectly suited for each application. This eliminates miscommunication and delays caused by outsourcing tooling requirements.

AR Coatings (UV-VIS-IR)

When near zero reflectance at one wavelength is required these antireflection coatings provide the best solution. V-coatings can be specified of wavelength and angle of incidence. TwinStar’s antireflection coatings are proven high damage as well (certification per request).

  • Popular laser lines are standard coatings
  • Guaranteed less than 0.25% reflectance, typically less than 0.1% reflectance is achieved.
  • Custom center wavelength and angle of incidence v-coatings are available through our sales staff.
  • Our Standard v-coatings are on fused silica, UV fused silica and BK-7.
  • Also available on other substrates and crystals, please call for a quote.

High Reflection Mirrors (UV-VIS-IR)

High reflectance and low absorption are paramount for high-energy applications. Measured reflectance greater than 99.8% (random polarization) are available at all popular laser lines at both 0 and 45 degrees angle of incidence. Special requests for custom mirrors will be handled by one of our sales staff.

  • Ion Assisted coatings reduce scattering losses and improve reflection.
  • High damage mirrors can be certified to greater 35 J/cm2 at 10 nS pulse (1064nm).
  • Very low absorption and smooth coating.

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